Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Building Online Relationships Based on Trust

This week is really really great despite heavy rains and floods. It made me realize that weather changes in a matter of minutes, and so does life. One day I'm on top of the world and the next, I am stuck up in nowhere land.

So, I wonder if what we are doing in real life is just getting ahead in a rat-race or living life with people who care, know, share and live life with you.  Which will give us the longest satisfaction and contentment? Building business relationships over the net has been a roller coaster ride for me, and I assume for many also. Time and money wasted on building leads and followers, I was still searching for ways to earn TRUST.   

Now I am here, with honest to goodness "I can't believe I am feeling great". I get trusted by seasoned global networkers and online marketers. I never met them personally, maybe occasionally they have seen my marketing posts to nameless and faceless Netizens. But, to trust me with their online transaction?  That was  way beyond my league.  

Coming from different online home businesses that short-paid my 600+ downlines, did not bother to send ATM cards which have been paid by members, robbed distributors of their hard-earned Reward Points, and even orchestrated manipulation of Car Raffles to favored uplines/associates and revised the marketing plan to PURGE the 100,000+ distributors from the payout system by creating REENTRY (under the guise of better payout); I realized that some incorporators practiced Open-Close style of MLM to cash in on their profits within 2-3 years operation and registered another business to dupe unsuspecting members again. TRUST was never on my vocabulary from that time on. 

Click on this link to build trust in virtual environment:

Thanks +Adam Tibe,,+Anne Marie Osorio, +Michael Llorente Monta for giving me back that TRUST EXPERIENCE so I can follow your ways in my daily interactions with people, business, and myself (included).  It is by far more valuable than personal development tips, apps, and training sessions combined. 

Thank you +George Najjar and Boresha Dream Team for that same trust you have within the organization that is going to influence a whole lot of business builders and entrepreneurs worldwide.   

And what a starting blast you are going to give us this year through another trust-building gathering of distributors that you don't wanna miss - Boresha National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!


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