Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boresha Philippines: Pre-Launch Marketing Trainings

Boresha fires up the Love Month with fat-burning, thermogenic low-glycemic coffee!

The face that can launch shiploads of Boresha accounts in the Philippines is here for a series of marketing training activities.  Attendees of her business sessions are also treated to a rich aroma-filled free tasting of coffee and tea. 

Boresha products suited to your taste and health needs

Our Boresha Weight Management trainor - +Lyn Murphy, is visiting the Philippines next month.  MLM leaders, health advocates, & fitness coaches are welcome to witness real testimonies of achieving Freedom - Free From Diabetes, Weight Loss, Financial Independence and Quality Family Time.  

Lyn Murphy

Fat-Burning Results

Watch Out for venue/time announcements at Facebook account Boresha Philippines

March 1-2 Cebu

Magellan's Cross

Mar 3-5 Tacloban

San Juanico Bridge

Mar 8-10 Iloilo, then 

Miagao Church

Mar. 12 onwards Manila

Makati Midrise Skyline

Those weight watching & wish listing days are over!  Please attend her training and coffee/tea free taste sessions. Learn how it's done with Fat-Burning, Low-Glycemic, Thermogenic Organic coffee & tea! 

BORESHA Skinny Science and YOU 
(Connecting Your Future Here & Now)

Boresha Pre-Launch Philippines                     Secure your Pioneering Spot NOW!

Nem Loteyro CP: 09292286608 / 09275532244 
Landline:  053 8320441
US & Canada:  1.321.373.7124

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