Thursday, January 31, 2013

"The Answer To My Prayers Right Here"... Takako K.

"At +Diorico's Bakeshop, +Tacloban City - Philippines, while waiting for my ride home after school, a guy approached me nicely, and gave me a flyer.  I noticed he was wearing a white tee shirt  with  BORESHA  print.  Flyer was about a prelaunch company from USA offering fat-burning and low-glycemic coffee and tea. It showed overweight people (Before) on one side and the same people who appeared fit/slim (After photos).  

Testimonies prove that Boresha creates results

He invited me inside their office to learn more about this company and its products.  I was curious about how it could work for me.  Earlier, I was praying for a solution to my condition - only 17 years old, I weighed 98 kilos. I felt dizzy at school and experienced hot flashes on the nape area.  I knew it had to do with what I was going through.

The date is Jan. 23, 2013 not 2006.  1st Boresha encounter.
His team mates showed me the company profile, different products, and the testimonies.  It caught my attention that after all I have been through - from time to time doing workouts at the gym, jogging, diet, I kept on increasing my weight. 

Incredible! I have the answer already - Boresha is right here, right now in front of me!  My hopes came alive.  

I got to taste the coffee, and just to make sure that I brew it well, I bought my very own coffee-maker.  How's that for Determination and Commitment? I must have my life back and enjoy it... "  +Takako Kogure, 1st Year.  St. Paul's College  

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