Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Glimpse and Taste in the Philippines

It started late October 2012 when a good friend and schoolmate +Adam Tibe posted online an exciting and very interesting update about his life-changing experience with coffee that made him feel great, lose weight and increased his energy.  "I was able to live free from medications and got back to what I loved to play - basketball (this time, with players 10 years younger)". Wow. 

It was really amazing to hear from this guy who's into a new movement:  To Be Free From Diabetes.  I knew that 1 out of 8 Filipinos faced this risk. We could use the products now.  Thanks for the call +Eric Terez

Upon knowing Boresha's backed up by years of tests & research by world renowned "alpha" scientist +Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, it took me no more than 10 minutes to decide to join Adam's cause. This could help many. I know that 1 out of 8 Filipinos are at risk with such condition. Imagine how many we could help!

I couldn't believe it... products are now in Cebu. Thanks to +Blessy Erauda and +Stella Soriano.  I really missed the Pre-launch event at SM City last January 4 guys.  Hope you could publish photos, videos and testimonies on this. I can't wait for my very own Boresha Coffee and Tea - from USA,arriving on Monday. You made it possible +Troy & Conie Tibe.

Philippines - we now have a choice!  09292286608 / 09275532244

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